Donor Spotlight: Trish Gill

Donor Spotlight: Trish Gill

Trish Gill is from Virginia Beach and serves as the HR Benefits Manager at TowneBank. She lives with her husband, Tom, and daughter Darby (age 9). They also have a 9-year-old yellow lab named Arleigh and a 20-year-old cat named Kitty. Trish loves to spend her time doing crafts, shopping, gardening and biking at the oceanfront with her family. Get to know more about Trish below:

How did you first hear about The River Ellis Foundation? We are fortunate to know the Ellis Family. 

What made you decide to donate?  With such dreary news reports recently, I wanted to contribute to an organization who could help a family or individual in Hampton Roads. I knew that The River Ellis Foundation could do that.  I started a fundraiser on Facebook for my birthday asking my friends to contribute with me.  I was thrilled by my friends’ generosity, and their contributions helped me far exceed my goal. 

What do you hope The River Ellis Foundation accomplishes in the future? I hope the River Ellis Foundation continues its mission to help people facing hardship, and it serves as a reminder to all of us that we belong to a community that cares for each other. 

What would you tell someone who is thinking about donating? I would tell them the River Ellis Foundation is a unique and exceptional group, and we can help them ‘give a sunrise’ by donating.  

What other organizations/causes do you support? The Up Center. 

What do you wish other people knew about The River Ellis Foundation?  The group is comprised of wonderful people with a worthy mission, and I’m proud to support them.