When her daughter began experiencing unexplained medical issues, a Virginia Beach single mother found herself in the midst of unexpected hardship.  Over the course of a few weeks, her daughter lost her vision, lost use of her arms and legs, and began having seizures. In and out of the hospital numerous times, the doctors were unable to determine the cause of these issues or provide a medical diagnosis, leaving the family each time without answers. As her daughter became completely bed-bound, this mother had to take unpaid time off of work in order to provide 24 hour care, and found herself in need of a helping hand.

The River Elis Foundation moved this family a little closer to finding their sunrise by covering a few months of rent payments, allowing the mother some breathing room on bills while maintaining the ability to continue constant care for her daughter until social services could provide a longer term care solution, allowing the mother to return to work. Although the family is still searching for a medical diagnosis, they now have a permanent caretaker in place and the daughter’s health continues to improve.