To us, a sunrise symbolizes the hope that one needs after enduring a tragedy or unexpected hardship. Giving A Sunrise is providing an act of kindness. It’s giving support. It’s letting someone know they aren’t alone. It’s instilling hope for a brighter tomorrow.

After our daughter, River, died, we found ourselves covered in darkness. But we held tight to the belief that there was a sunrise out there for us and that we would find it in our own time. Each friend, family and community member who walked with us through our darkness got us one step closer to our sunrise.

Give a Sunrise became the tagline for the River Ellis Foundation because we know that everybody could use a sunrise at some point. Now we’re paying it forward by Giving Sunrises to others in our community who find themselves in the middle of their darkest hour. Help us spread this hope and kindness to those who need it most by donating here.